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New Retail

Digital Restaurant

Industry Background

As the increase of people’s living standard, their requirements for catering industry are higher and higher. In the 21st century, people have natural favors for social interaction and cooperation. They hope to get instant satisfaction and desire to interact with their favorite brands.

What problems can we solve?

In the traditional catering industry, customers are not able to get precise information about the menu or other important activities in time, which may influence the speed to serve the food and make customers feel inconvenient. This might ruin their dining experience. Some restaurants use a board or a rotary double-side board to display the menu, however, this practice may increase their operation cost indirectly. What shall we do to solve the following problems?
1. How can we provide more direct and vivid information for consumers quickly and efficiently?
2. What shall we do to reduce consumers’ waiting time and make them feel more satisfied?
3. How can we build an efficient and convenient dinning environment and at the same time reduce the operation cost?
4. How can we manage the restaurant efficiently, improving its image and grade at the same time?

Picture For The Solution



Solution Advantages


Releasing information in time, enabling users to gain a better experience
By adopting our digital signage solution for catering industry, promotion posters, new product information, category menus, updated information and customers’ queuing status could be well displayed. This solution can also help with improving efficiency and accuracy to process orders and optimize consumers’ dinning experience.

Combining entertainment with consumption
By using this solution, restaurant operators can play news, movies, sports matches and entertainment programs through TV and display screens during the non-dining period, which could help attract target consumers and make full use of their time in the restaurants. Operators can also improve the business performance by promoting their activities and guide customers to consume.
Enhancing brand awareness and increasing sales
It is a new, pleasant and impressive way to promote restaurants’ image by visually-seducing advertisements, videos and texts displayed by the digital signage. It will help improve the restaurants’ image and grade, increasing their brand and image value significantly.
Realizing unified information management and cost reduction
Our digital signage solution can realize unified management of information. By adopting this solution, menu update and display of promotion, new product and advertisement can be realized within several minutes. It significantly reduces cost of human resources and maintenance and makes management more convenient and flexible.